About Rilite Aggregate

Rilite Aggregate was established in 1965 by Bruno Benna and Ingvart Christensen. Today the company is still family owned and operated in the Reno/Sparks area. Rilite supplies Northern Nevada with various types of aggregate materials. Light weight aggregate material is produced for the ready mix concrete industry. Our concrete materials include 3/4” concrete rock, 3/8” concrete rock and washed concrete sand. Our hard rock material is produced for the construction industry. Construction materials include base for roads and parking lots, drain rock and SP sand for backfilling trenches and fill materials for building pads. Landscape contractors use the light colored rock for planter beds and walkways.

Rilite Aggregate materials have been an integral part of building the Reno/Sparks community. Many of the buildings in Reno/Sparks have utilized the light weight concrete material in the construction of the concrete floors, columns and beams. Just a few examples of buildings in the area that have used Rilite Aggregate are the Peppermill, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, John Asquaga’s Nugget and the Federal Courthouse.

The lighter weight of our materials allows our customers to cost-effectively truck our product further then competing aggregate materials.

In 2009 Rilite began recycling concrete and asphalt into usable construction products such as base, rock and sand. These recycled materials would have ended up in a landfill if they had not been reprocessed into usable construction materials. In 2009 4% of our products sold contained recycled materials.

Rilite Aggregate has the ability to perform custom crushing for our customers. If a customer wants a custom order we try to configure our plant to meet the needs of the job.

All of our products are tested at the aggregate plant and are also submitted to local testing labs for yearly qualifications. Copies of aggregate tests can be found on this website under the specs section. Pricing for our materials can be found under the products section.

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